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Still time to stop the trade union bill: Tweet your MP

This month the trade union bill will have its final vote in the House of Commons. But the result is not a foregone conclusion. A growing number of Conservative MPs are raising concerns. The thousands of people emailing and tweeting their MPs have made a difference - and we need to keep up the pressure.

The bill fundamentally undermines UK workers' right to strike, and attacks key civil liberties:

  • Employers will be able to use agency temps to break strikes, making the right to withdraw your labour almost meaningless.
  • New restrictions will be placed on peaceful protest and picketing.
  • Unprecedented extra hurdles will be placed in front of any ballots for strike action.
  • The government could cap the work of union safety reps & shop stewards in the public sector, and make it harder for unions to collect members' subs.

As the bill enters its crucial third reading - the final stage before it enters the House of Lords - let's tell MPs it's time to time to say no.

If you use Twitter, send your MP a tweet (or three!), using the hashtag #TUbill. You can find your MP's twitter account and send an easy tweet by typing in your postcode here:

If you (or your MP) aren't on Twitter, there's still lots you can do:

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